December 1 Midnight Run

Midnight Run Update

Big thank you to Courtney, Anthony, Their Teenagers Alexander and Asa, June, Diane, Elizabeth, and Michael for taking part in the third Midnight Run with Hopewell Reformed Church. We handed out 150 sandwiches, snacks, toiletries, to over 100 homeless on the streets of NYC. Also special thanks to all those that donated clothing, prepared sandwiches, and helped sort the clothing, food, and toiletries for the trip. Thank you to Toni for getting all the positions covered in less than a week! We had a great time while also giving back to a community that needs all the help it can get. In one instance, a gentleman came to us in just an undershirt and underwear and we were able to clothe him right on the street and provide him with dinner.

Our next run will be on December 1, 2023. Although we have some time, we will need to start gathering donations right away, as it will be our first run in the winter season when our help is needed the most. We will need:

  • Jeans (Sizes 32-38 Men) Women tend to prefer men’s jeans as they are more baggy. 
  • Winter Coats – all sizes. Ski jackets are what is preferred. Not interested in peacoats or dress jackets. Think, if you would wear it outside in the snow. 
  • Gloves
  • Winter hats
  • New undershirts (Men -Medium, Large, XL, XXL),
  • Mens and Womens underwear (Size medium, large, XL, XXL),
  • Socks
  • Toiletries. 
  • Long and short sleeve shirts of all sizes. 
  • Hoodies of all sizes. 
  • Sneakers of all adult sizes. 
  • Blankets
  • Backpacks / Duffle bags. 

If you go to Walmart registry and search under “all occasion” in New York and type “HRC” you will find a collection of what we need. Thank you so much for your support and I promise those that receive items are very grateful.  

We need 7-9 volunteers to take part in the next run, including one that is comfortable with driving the church van in the city. We need volunteers to make 50 PB&J sandwiches, 50 Turkey and cheese sandwiches, 25 Ham and cheese, and 25 just turkey sandwiches. Please contact Toni @ 845-797-6414 if you are interested in signing up for anything.