Hopewell Reformed Church Facility Use Policy 

I. Philosophy of Use:

The property and facilities of the Hopewell Reformed Church should always be with the church’s mission statement in mind, “To Know Christ and to make Him known”. All church facility use must therefore be ministry related, and events must not be for profit.

II.General Guidelines:

    1. All requests should be made through the church office at least one month in advance of the event. HRC reserves the right to rescind or reassign any reserved space.
      Usage Priority
      1 – Church Functions
      2 – Church-Related Ministry Functions
      3 – Church Member Use
      4 – Non-Member Use
    2. All requestors should complete a Facility Use Application Form, obtained from the church office.
    3. All non-member requests must be sponsored by a church member, and indicated on the application form.
    4. Events that conflict with our mission statement will not be allowed.
    5. No alcohol, drugs, firearms or gambling are allowed in any church building or anywhere on church property.
    6. Smoking is prohibited in all church buildings at all times. Smoking is allowed outside, only in designated areas.
    7. On going use is at the discretion of the Consistory (i.e. weekly meetings), and is reviewed annually.
    8. All facility use is based on the condition that the premises are left in clean and working condition as they were found prior to any event or function. Leaving the facility in unkempt condition, incurring damage, or not securing the premises will be grounds for losing facility use privileges and/or deposits, and incurring additional fees. Any damages to the facilities or equipment should be reported as soon as possible by calling the church office.
    9. If any decorations are used, they shall not be installed with nails, tacks or any other means that will leave holes or other damage to walls, etc.
    10. At the conclusion of the event, the requestor/sponsor is responsible for the following:
      1. Return the set-up of the room to the condition found upon arrival.
      2. Rooms shall be broom swept and any liquid spills shall be wiped up. If kitchens or kitchenettes were used, they shall be left in a clean condition. Broom and mops can be found in the Custodial Closet (one located on each floor).
      3. All left over food, paper products, etc. shall be properly disposed of in trash bags and placed

        in the dumpsters in the Church parking lot.

      4. All lights in room used, bathrooms, and hallways shall be turned off when leaving.

      5. All room doors and exterior doors (if group has key) shall be locked upon leaving.

      6. All decorations (if any) shall be taken down and properly disposed of.

III. Suggested Donation Schedule:


  1. Sanctuary use is reviewed on a case-by-case basis (i.e. recitals, special ceremonies, etc.)
  2. Deposit must be paid along with Use Fee at time of approval of reservation. If room(s) were left unreasonably dirty or room set-ups were not returned to their as-found condition the deposit will be forfeited. Otherwise, the deposit will be returned to the person who made the reservation within 5 business days.
  3. The full cost of any damage to Church property resulting from use of the facility shall be billed to the person who reserved the facility space.
  4. Facility use fee is waived for HRC sponsored events.